YOUtrition is Evolving – Let’s Change Your Emotions Around Food For Life

I love  YOUtrition. My work, recipes, food and my clients are my passion.  I know though that to really make a difference for life, it is the EMOTIONS around our food choices that need to be addressed.  I have written so many blogs on making good choices on good days, when life is going great and we are feeling empowered and in control – and that doesn’t have to mean we have closed a big business deal, no, it can simply mean that the school run wasn’t crazy, it didn’t rain on the washing we left outside or that we got an unexpected bunch of flowers from the supermarket from a loved one.  OK, the last one is huge and has never happened to me, but I hear it has to others….. Anyway, to the flip side of our good days, good choices.  The ‘bad’ days, bad choices.  The days when we give up and chow down on the, literally, crap, that so depresses us and yet we feel we have no control of either buying or consuming. Why, oh why, do we do that?

What I know to be absolutely true from my own addictions (detailed in my book, This Isn’t Me),  is that the food/drink/shopping etc are NOT the problem.  They become the problem and they are the way of shouting out to the world and ourselves that we have a problem, but they are the smallest part of what needs to be addressed for long term, sustained and happy changes.  Yes, you can abstain from the foods that cause the unhappy and ill health bringing weight gain (another diet). Yes, you can stop the booze, and rip up your credit cards, but until you deal with the EMOTIONS around why you overindulged in the first place, you are living in a painful place of missing, longing and deprivation.  That to me is not life.

I have known since the day I stopped drinking, since the day that my hellish internal war (resonating anyone?), was over, that an unconscious shift had occurred and with that unconscious shift came peace.  Peace is my absolute favourite word. It does not, for me at least, mean quiet – hell no – but it does mean an internal calm and steadiness that I never even knew existed and that peace, calm and steadiness ended the exhausting conflict of “I shouldn’t/I mustn’t/I promised/I can’t stop…….” Again, resonating anyone? I know now exactly what this internal war is, and I know how to end it.  For ever.  I promise.

I knew all this that day so clearly but didn’t have the skills to share it and I KNEW I had to.  It’s no longer enough that Christopher and I are high fiving ourselves around the kitchen each morning with happiness and love.  We all deserve to live that way. No matter how old we live to be, these lives of ours are pitifully short, and we must live them with the greatest joy and peace we can.  Loving not hating ourselves, nurturing not destroying ourselves.

I write about ‘ourselves’ first because everything we do to care for ourselves is reflected back on those we love and want to care for most.  Trust me on this, our precious loves ones can either bask or wither in the consequences of what we do to ourselves.

My self-care is supreme and I see every bit of it staring back at me in the relaxed, loving, cared for and peaceful face of my son.  I feel it in his hugs when he lifts me off the floor as he laughs and in his butterfly soft, brief kiss on my cheek as he leaves for college.  Every day.

I knew I had to find a way of sharing this unbelievable knowledge and empower others who struggle.  And now I know how to.  I have recently qualified as an NLP Practitioner (something I have wanted to do for a long time), and it has been a revelation. It was the one piece missing from my tool kit.  I now have the language and interventions, as well as the experiences from my own desperate struggle to help smash emotional addiction.

I know, and I say this with 100% confidence, that I have a solution.  An easy solution, please trust me on this too, that when we work together, will end emotional addiction.  It is a ‘do with’ five step process, not a ‘do to’ and of course YOUtrition will be a big part of that as good and easy nutrition is a vital part of life.

I am working on workshops and group programs as well as 1-2-1 sessions on freedom from emotional addictions that will change your life, the way mine has been changed.  Exciting times ahead. I hope you stick with me.  x