YOUtrition 7 Day Body Reset Programme

Reset your body to looking great, feeling great and losing weight in just 7 days and find a solution that works for you in your life.  Weight loss really can be that simple!

Everyone wants a quick fix when it comes to, well everything, especially weight loss.  The reality is though that it took time to get to the weight that makes you unhappy and it takes time to lose it and rest your body.  However, the time to lose the weight does not have to be long or hard, or stressful or leave you feeling deprived and fearful that the weight once lost will creep up and find you again.

I designed my YOUtrition 7 Day Body Reset Programme as a fantastic jump start to looking great, feeling great and losing weight,  to prove just how easy it is to get on track within 7 days, simply by making adjustments not just to our food choices and eating habits , but to our preparation and planning, which once you have completed the 7 days and realise how much time and stress you have saved as well as really seeing and feeling the difference, you will stick with quite simply because it is the long term workable weight loss solution.

Included in the YOUtrition 7 Day Body Reset Programme are simple tasty meals that are interchangable on any day.  There are my YOUtrition Top 10 Tips for Looking Great, Feeling Great and Losing Weight, which can be applied to literally every situation. Just read them, you will understand immediately the reason for them (and that in itself makes them easy to follow and stick with), tips on food, movement, portion sizing  and the all important and extremely poweful MINDSET – without the right mindset and thinking differently about your weight loss, this could become another quick fix for you –  you will still lose the weight, but I want it to be for you for life!   Take that absolutely on board and you have taken a massive step towards overcoming your weight loss challanges.

There is also a YOUtrition Food Diary in an easy A5 booklet for you to slip into your handbag. With four weeks to complete and tips to keep you motivated and on track with food choices, portion sizing etc, this is a very, very powerful motivational tool (mindset) which you keep with you all the time.  It is amazing how this one little book motivates clients forward and accountable for exactly what and how much they eat. There is also a Meal Planner for you to complete and take with you shopping.  Plan you meals in advance.  I take one hour out of my week to complete this, list the foods I will need and then go shopping. Stick to it! Don’t be lead astry with offers of food products – these are the very products are what got you to this unhappy state.  Keep in mind always your goals and only buy the foods on your shopping list. These are the foods that will take you closer to your looking great, feeling great goals.

Finally, you will get a 15 minute Skype/telephone consultation with me, ( I am a fully qualified specialist in weight loss and nutrition who has published articles  and also presents a radio show on health & fitness),  before you start the Programme to make sure you understand exactly what you need to do and for me to address any questions you have and to set you up motivationally for success, plus I can be contacted for support during the week and another 15 minute consultation at the end to keep you on track.

The YOUtrition 7 Day Body Reset Programme is flexible within its guidelines, so if you don’t like one type of food in the menus, I can simply and easily swap it out.  This programme really is tailored for you so that you can get the most out of it and stick with the principles for life.


” I am 55 years old, in the middle of the menopause and was feeling rubbish.  I didn’ expect much from this programme but was desperate enough to try anything and  I can’t believe how I feel.  I lost 6lbs, am sleeping better, my horrible how flushes have almost gone and my clothes are looser especially around my waist.  Best of all I was not hungry and didn’t miss any of the stuff I usually ate to make myself feel better.  I know now that was the stuff that actually make me feel worse”  Thank you Sonia for making me look and feel so much better.”                                     Meg Elliott, 55


“I lost 5lbs the first week and I feel so good.  The programme is straightforward and easy to follow and it made sense.  Sonia is so funny , supportive and knowledgeable and I felt I was talking to a friend who wanted the best for me.  I have continued to plan my meals and this has saved me so much time and money,  I think differently about myself and my food and it is liberating which means even more to me than the weight.  I am well on my way to looking and feeling the way I deserve to be (Sonia’s words and my feelings).  One very happy lady.”   C Adams, 44


“I wanted a quick fix for my holiday and my goodness I got one.  I expected to feel hungry and rely on willpower and neither happened.  I love the way Sonia thinks and talks and the support she gave me.  I don’t like oats so she changed two recipes and I live by myself so she changed the evening meals for one person.  Sonia understood me and I felt I was the only person she cared about and I now keep the top 10 tips with me as well as my food diary and my weight keeps going down and my self esteem and confidence going up”                                                 Sue Moore, 42


Follow the Programme and success really is guaranteed!

YOUtrition 7 Day Body Reset Programme £50.00

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