YOUtrition Corporate Wellness Programmes

Your employees are your company’s greatest asset.  And happy, healthy, and well cared for employees are more productive, motivated, focused, engaged and frankly, loyal.  You can spend a great deal of time and money on training your staff  to make them the best, why then would you not spend a little extra to keep them from your competitors?

I know that one of the most effective ways to keep your staff in tip top shape both physically and mentally  is easily achieved through Wellness Programmes, where either an internal or external person, spends time supporting and encouraging staff to make healthier lifestyle choices, either with food, exercise and/or coaching/mentoring or a mix of all of these.

At  YOUtrition I offer tailored Wellness Programmes to companies to assist them in giving to, and getting the best out of their staff.

So, what would benefit your company and your staff most?

  • Lunchtime Weight Loss Club?
  • Wellness Mentoring – either individually or in groups?
  • Healthier Lifestyle Group Coaching?

My expertise is not limited to my nutrition qualifications, I am also a licensed NLP Practioner and Wellness Coach, and my aim is to bring all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle into the workplace to the mutual benefit of your company and your staff.

I understand that all health and wellness is 90% mindset and 10% information, and I address both.  My passion is changing the way people think about themselves and their eating habits to empower them to make better food and lifestyle choices.  These positive changes in turn benefit the employer.

All my programmes help promote a culture of good health within companies by offering food and lifestyle education, along with motivation designed to reduce stress and illness in a supportive and enjoyable environment.

One popular example of a YOUtrition Wellness Programme, is my 6 week Weight Loss Club.  I run this for 1 hour per week during lunchtime.  The aim is to get employees into a better physical and emotional space, where they feel happier, more confident, energized and therefore more productive.

For each employee, I provide a copy of my 6 Weeks to Looking & Feeling Amazing programme, as well as an individual Food Diary booklet to keep them on track during the week.  There are also handouts to accompany the group discussion topic of that week.

All the material I provide has been written by me.

For this programme, all I require is a room with windows, ideally that I can open, and chairs that can be placed in a semi-circle.

The cost of my 6 Week Weight Loss Club is £300 per employee.

I would be delighted to have an opportunity to meet with you to understand and define what package would most enhance your employees wellness and performance and what I can do to encourage a positive and healthier mindset within your company.