Christmas Mulled Ciderless Apple Warmer

Mulled wine, on of my Christmas favourite’s – along with Yule Logs, Christmas puds, pigs in blankets., brandy sauce and oh, all manner of delicious treats of which the list is far to long and waistline busting and headache inducing!

However this year I have just been given the best festive mulled apple drink ever, made by my son and friends for our second early Christmas Dinner. Non-alcoholic, so perfect for the teens as well, this wonderful winter warmer has all the smells and tastes of the festive seasons and, no matter how much you indulge, no embarrassing side effects and far fewer calories!  Perfect.

For 4 generous sized mugs, you will need;

1 litre apple juice.

250ml  water.

2 sachets mulled spice  mix.

2 tbsp brown sugar


Pour juice and water into pan.

Add sugar and spice.

Heat pan to simmer, stir until sugar dissolved.

Simmer for 10 minutes.

Cool and decant into mugs for the perfect, non-alcoholic festive drink.











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