• One to One Consultations
    Non-discounted price £40 per hour

    Prior to a one-to-one session, I email my client’s a health and lifestyle questionnaire to be completed and returned before our session, along with a sample food dairy to be completed over a three day period.

    These are to be returned before the consultation for initial analysis and to give me some idea as to the areas which require most support/adjustment. During the initial consultation, we will discuss dietary preferences, goals and motivation and start to put into place a realistic program for you to follow.  Each client is unique – some require a detailed nutritional program including diet and exercise whilst others require advice on healthier options but not a regime.  We would then discuss the  changes to be implemented within an agreed time frame.

    At subsequent meetings we review together the client’s progress, discuss what has or has not worked for them and review and update the nutritional and lifestyle requirements.

    I can be contacted in between sessions by email or messenger for support and I also contact my clients in a general group chat to keep them on track.

  • Group Sessions
    Non-discounted price £15 per 1 hour session – 8 Week Program

    The groups sessions will have no more that 10 clients at one time.

    The group sessions start with a private weigh in and then discussions on a number of topics related to weight management.  There is a list of topics, which is not exhaustive, on the About  page.  Each new program commences with a discussion on calories  and energy intake v expenditure to make sure everyone starts at the same place. As the groups are small, sessions can be individually tailored and each client has a chance to bring up any questions/queries.  All group members have a chance to interact in a supportive, non-judgmental environment.  I set up a private group messaging service for each group which I write on each day of the program to motivate and/or pass on nutritional tips and I encourage all the group to join in.  I have found this to be very beneficial in keeping my clients on track.