Diet v Lifestyle – Finding The One That Best Suits YOU

As a specialist in Weight Loss and Nutrition, I am often asked,  “Which is the BEST weight loss diet?”  “Which will work best for me?”,  My answer is always the same.  Everything we learn about weight loss management is a generality.  We are all wonderfully unique, and as such we need to carefully consider how any advice, information or suggestions, from whatever the source – the press (newspapers/magazines etc), social media, family members, diet clubs, relatives, co-workers, the internet, best applies to us. There are so many diets out there, often with conflicting advice all promising the ultimate weight loss solution. So, what affects our decisions when we make our diet choices? Perhaps slim celebrities or quick fix solutions?

Part of the YOUtrition solution is to question your choices. Ask yourself, will this diet work in my life? Will I have time for any extra preparation required? Can the adjustments be sustained?  Can I afford these adjustments?  Will I feel deprived of all the foods I love?  How will this affect my family?  How will this affect my health, energy, mood, concentration?

The answers to these questions should determine  the advice you follow.  Obviously there will need to be some adjustments made – otherwise you wouldn’t be looking for weight loss.  However, it has to be as easy and right for YOU as possible for it to be maintained.  So, before you sign on the dotted line, part with your hard earned money and quite likely set yourself up for disappointment, THINK and then decide.  Happy Weight Loss.

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