Wellness Coaching – For A Healthy, Slim, Energized You

As a Nutritionist and Weight Loss Coach, I am passionate about women’s health and weight loss issues so let me tell you a little about Weight Loss Coaching.

Are you one of the many women who has expended enormous amounts of energy over the years on losing weight? Have you reached out to others for help in form of books, diet clubs, videos, exercise plans etc? You read the books, joined the clubs, bought the foods, exercised three times a week, done exactly what you were told and are now right back where you started, with more than likely extra weight. How?  You listened to all the advice and/or criticism, you were cheered on when you reached your goals. You felt good at your target weight, so why, despite all your best efforts, COULDN’T you stay on track?

The answer is simple, you were on a weight loss track written by someone else, and someone else doesn’t have the answers for you.  All your answers are within YOU.

Now imagine that you are talking with someone who takes an entirely different approach to helping you in an entirely different way. Someone who truly listens to you, not just waiting for their turn to tell you what to do. They understand through questioning and listening,  your uniqueness, your situation, your agenda and works solely with that. They require you to look into yourself, to acknowledge your strengths and build upon them to achieve your weight loss goals. They ask questions not so much to gain information, as to require YOU to seek answers from within yourself, to benefit yourself. They come equipped with the tools that help you take stock of your current weight situation and with effective methods for change.

In short, someone who opens your eyes and enables you to carve YOUR own track – ultimately, aren’t we are all much more likely to stick to a track we have carved for ourselves because it is carved with us solely in mind?

I have just described a WEIGHT LOSS COACH.

Coaching is about having someone who is completely in tune with YOU, means all the difference between lasting, consistent weight loss success and disappointment in yourself, confusion, and unsustainable, unrealistic diets that will NEVER work long term. A Weight Loss Coach who helps you discover within yourself all the amazing resources YOU have, to achieve your weight loss goals FOREVER.

During a Weight Loss Coaching session we,

  • Discuss your current weight situation and get a crystal clear vision of your weight loss goal.
  • Create change that helps you reach your goals in YOUR way, at your pace – so that each step you take is consistent with your values and your goals.
  • Uncover the available options for you, then allow space for you to create powerful choices for yourself – so that you feel empowered to change, not forced to do something you don’t want to.
  • Uncover hidden challenges that you keeping you unhappy with your weight and addressing them.
  • And finally, you leave the session renewed, inspired, and ready to finally lose all of the weight you want for once and for all!

Happy New Year! Happy, Healthy, Successful New You!


I hope you all had a fabulous  Happy Christmas and New Year, with friends, family, love and peace.

So, your plans for 2016? For myself, my plan is to stay happy, slim, successful and free from the worries of weight. Not much to ask I think (especially as I am a Nutritionist and Weight Loss Coach!). I am going to be in control of my weight and food intake, I am going to make the best choices for me and my family. I am going to plan and prepare my food in advance and nothing is going to stop me! I know that the only person I really can control is me. I am not going to view my choices as “giving up” anything, I am going to view any changes as how they will add to my health and overall wellbeing which will have a direct impact on those I love most, my family.

I know that diets don’t work, so I am not even going to bother. I am not going to be seduced out of desperation, into signing up to some crazy quick fix “solution” that may cost me a fortune, stress my mind and my body, not benefit my health long term, and ultimately know that no matter how much weight I lose, I WILL find that weight again and probably more and I will become disappointed in myself, not the “diet” that was never sustainable. I deserve better than that and so do you!

My other plan is for YOU. I plan to give you all the food information – in whatever form works for you – along with the motivation and support that we all need through a period of change, to get you to where you want and deserve to be with your weight loss. I also intend to make sure you stay there.

So, 1 January 2016. Join me at YOUtrition (I have some great New Year’s discounts on my website,, let me work with you and see yourself the way you want to be. I’m there already and I know you can be too.

Food Diaries – The Weight Loss Secret Weapon!

Keeping a FOOD DIARY is one of the biggest boosts to understanding your eating habits and recognizing your food preferences, patters of eating and weakness, and then addressing them.

With every new client, I ask them to keep a record of everything they eat and how they are feeling when they eat, over a minimum of three days – one day at least being over the weekend – in my Food, Mood & Movement Diary.  This  diary is to show, the foods they ate, the quantities of food, the time they ate, their hunger levels when they ate, what they were doing and their mood at the time they ate. It is important to be as detailed as possible. For instance, breakfast toast, was it  wholemeal/white/granary/sourdough?  Thick/medium/thin sliced bread? How many slices? How much butter/spread/oil?  a teaspoon? A tablespoon?  How much dressing on a salad?  What dressing?  Olive oil or shop bought Thousand Island?  In coffee/tea, low fat or full fat milk or none?  Any sugar?  A cappuccino or a latte? Any wine after work or with dinner?  Desserts – cheese, chocolate biscuits, fruit or tart, cream or ice-cream?

I email them a diary to update daily.  The client can either print off and fill in as their day progresses, or keep a little book with them to enter EVERYTHING consumed and to update the diary at the end of the day – whatever works for them.

This diary is often an absolute revelation.  When I meet new clients, I always talk them through a 24 hour recall where my client talks me through their food consumption for the previous day.  If they have also kept a food diary, the results, when compared can be very different.  Most of them can add at least another 15% food intake to the 24 hour recall when compared with the diary.

The most valuable part of the diary is not to count the calories but to identify and analyze the times when a better choice could have been made or a client has eaten out of boredom, stress or picked up an unhealthy choice due to lack of preparation and/or planning.

Once this information is in front of you, it is so easy to make small tweaks that will make a massive difference to weight loss success.  It quickly becomes obvious the benefits of preparing  a sandwich or a salad for the fridge at work when you know you will be hard pressed for time to get out and choose a healthy lunch, and keeping some fruit or nuts in your desk for the afternoon slump or when the chocolate biscuits are being handed round. Having a bottle of water and a banana or small bag of mixed nuts always in the car or handbag also prevents the need for a can of drink from a vending machine when thirsty and at best a  “healthy” (not!) protein bar or at the worst a bag of sweets or chocolate for instant energy (think immediate fat), from the services.

Identify the times you ate as an emotional response and find an alternative which won’t leave you feeling even even worse after you have eaten the tub of ice cream or chocolate bar –  put on a CD you love and sing along in the car is one of my favs, or call a friend, read a book, relax in a bubble bath or one of the most benifical stress debusters, go for a walk in natural light.

 Be completely honest when completing your Food Diary. You are the only person you will be deceiving if you don’t, and the only person who can make the changes that will achieve your weight loss goals.

Diet v Lifestyle – Finding The One That Best Suits YOU

As a specialist in Weight Loss and Nutrition, I am often asked,  “Which is the BEST weight loss diet?”  “Which will work best for me?”,  My answer is always the same.  Everything we learn about weight loss management is a generality.  We are all wonderfully unique, and as such we need to carefully consider how any advice, information or suggestions, from whatever the source – the press (newspapers/magazines etc), social media, family members, diet clubs, relatives, co-workers, the internet, best applies to us. There are so many diets out there, often with conflicting advice all promising the ultimate weight loss solution. So, what affects our decisions when we make our diet choices? Perhaps slim celebrities or quick fix solutions?

Part of the YOUtrition solution is to question your choices. Ask yourself, will this diet work in my life? Will I have time for any extra preparation required? Can the adjustments be sustained?  Can I afford these adjustments?  Will I feel deprived of all the foods I love?  How will this affect my family?  How will this affect my health, energy, mood, concentration?

The answers to these questions should determine  the advice you follow.  Obviously there will need to be some adjustments made – otherwise you wouldn’t be looking for weight loss.  However, it has to be as easy and right for YOU as possible for it to be maintained.  So, before you sign on the dotted line, part with your hard earned money and quite likely set yourself up for disappointment, THINK and then decide.  Happy Weight Loss.

Top 10 Tips For A Healthy, Happy Christmas

Last night we had our first Christmas Dinner!  A little early I know, but as we are all dispersing for the actual holiday, this was the perfect date to celebrate.

As I was preparing for the big event, the cooking and baking, I started remembering the strategies that keep me on track for a healthy holiday.  I came up with these which I hope will help you over the season of overindulgence as much as they help me every year.

  1. Plan for the change of routine – always start with a healthy, sustaining breakfast.  This will set you up for the day and psychologically you are already winning!  With a good start to the day, it becomes easier to make healthier choices for the remainder of the day wherever you are.
  2. No Thanks! – Practice the art of saying “NO” with grace.  Tell your friends/colleagues/family how important your weight management is.  Get them on board and you will have an amazing support system.  Remember, those who don’t support, you even after you have asked for their understanding, usually have a different agenda – if you are “good” then they should be.  Be strong, know your goal and stick with it.
  3. Follow the 80/20 rule.  With soooo many delicious treats out there it is unrealistic to expect total abstinence.  Stick with your plan 80% of the time, indulge mindfully and don’t beat yourself up for the little treats that are only around at Christmas.
  4. Alcohol – this is one of the harder ones.  Christmas is so tied up with drinking – adverts everywhere, parties etc.  We are totally brainwashed into believing that excessive alcohol makes for a better time.  In my experience, it means talking rubbish, a horrendous headache the next day and half remembered embarrassing moments…. What’s not to love about it!  Anyway, drink mindfully, after every alcoholic drink have a non-alcoholic one and if possible, stay well clear of the cream laden liqueurs.
  5. Eat a little protein before you go out.  Protein keeps you full longer than carbohydrates or fats so have a little something.  I often have a boiled egg before I go out (I am slightly odd at times).
  6. Where possible, make the little tweaks that make such a massive difference in your weight management.  Opt for half fat crème fraiche instead of double cream with puddings.  Pile up the vegetables.  Have either a starter or a dessert – do you really need both?  Keep a close eye on your bread consumption.  Little changes, big results.
  7. How you eat.  Eat slowly, savour every mouthful.  The only place we have taste buds are on our tongue.  From the minute the food is no longer in our mouths we cannot taste it, so chew slowly and get the most enjoyment out of the food.
  8. Incorporate movement into every day.  A walk with the dog, round the park, to and from the shops, up and down the stairs.  Anything.  Just moving will aid digestion, keep you motivated and help with your weight management.
  9. Snacking – remember to ask yourself, “Am I hungry?  How will the snack help me with my weight management goals?  How will I feel about myself after I have eaten this snack?  Will I feel guilty or happy with myself?”  Be honest with yourself and the consequences of your choices and then decide.
  10. All responsibility for your choices is with you and only YOU.  In every situation there is a healthier choice or portion size.  It is up to you to decide what is important, not in the moment, but long term. Trust yourself.

Successful Strategies For Weight Loss

One of the most effective ways of helping clients at my  Nutrition and Weight Loss Coaching practice in Beaconsfield maintain a weight at which they are happy is to identify the successful strategies they already have in other areas of their lives and use those same strategies to address their weight.

We all have successes in our lives.  They might be in business or in our personal lives or in both. For each of these successes we have developed individual strategies that support them, sometimes without even being aware of it.

Some clients tell me that they have no success.  I beg to differ.  Everyone does.

One of my personal successes is that I am always on time.  Small success you may think, but to me it is important.  So, how do I consistently make sure I am on time?  Well, its easy.  My successful strategy is to prepare in advance.

My handbag has all necessary items in it the night before.  I check my keys are in the correct place before I go to bed.  My clothes are planned and laid out.  To the best of my ability, all bases are covered and there is no rushing around at the last minute in a mindless panic.

It is the same with my weight management.  I plan my food for the next day.  I prepare my lunch and any snack and pop in the fridge.  My dinner is planned in accordance with how busy my day is scheduled to be, on a quieter day I might feel like spending more time relaxing and preparing food in the evening, on a busier day, I might feel too tired and want a quick and simple meal.  Both scenarios are taken into account and all the ingredients are in the fridge. So, arriving home, no matter how tired or stressful my day has been, instead of staring into the fridge and grabing something that will only make me feel more tired and stressed, everything is ready for a good, healthy, nourishing tasty meal which I know will restore my mind and body’s balance and make me feel yet again that I have made the best choice for me.  More success!

Be Kind to Yourself

As a nutrition and weight loss coach, I always tell my clients to be kind to yourselves.  To be kind to yourself is to show self care and self love. We spend most of our lives loving, caring and nurturing others, often at the expense of ourselves.  Being kind to yourself is not the same as being selfish. When we learn to love and care and be kind to ourselves,  to nurture our bodies with good quality food, good quality rest, good quality friends, we flourish and grow.  In turn we are able to assist our loved ones to flourish and grow too.

In our this super  busy, stressful world, where we often seem to come last, it is important to take some time out and acknowledge how amazing we all are.  Just sit back and  think about your achievements. Write them down. Daily achievements, monthly achievements, lifetime achievements.  We all have so many things we should be proud of that go unnoticed mainly by ourselves.  We sometimes forget how much we have done and are doing and looking at these can help us gain energy and feel more vital to continue on our journey. Be kind to yourself and love yourself the way you love those most precious to you.