Be Kind to Yourself

As a nutrition and weight loss coach, I always tell my clients to be kind to yourselves.  To be kind to yourself is to show self care and self love. We spend most of our lives loving, caring and nurturing others, often at the expense of ourselves.  Being kind to yourself is not the same as being selfish. When we learn to love and care and be kind to ourselves,  to nurture our bodies with good quality food, good quality rest, good quality friends, we flourish and grow.  In turn we are able to assist our loved ones to flourish and grow too.

In our this super  busy, stressful world, where we often seem to come last, it is important to take some time out and acknowledge how amazing we all are.  Just sit back and  think about your achievements. Write them down. Daily achievements, monthly achievements, lifetime achievements.  We all have so many things we should be proud of that go unnoticed mainly by ourselves.  We sometimes forget how much we have done and are doing and looking at these can help us gain energy and feel more vital to continue on our journey. Be kind to yourself and love yourself the way you love those most precious to you.

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