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5 Day Sugar Free Shift Plan, Simple, Easy, Done!

My 5 Day Sugar Free Shift Plan is a simple, easy to prepare set of inexpensive recipes, in a straightforward structure which sees a quick change in your waistline.  Plus, because it is so easy, you can stick to the routines for as long as you want.  Check out testimonials at the end of the blog.

We all want to shape up as quickly and as stress free as possible and this plan offers that.  You don’t want to be hungry or tired, you don’t want to feel deprived or spend hours planning your next tiny meal.  I get that.  Our lives are too busy and we have got into the habit of coming last.

However, I know from the successes I have, that making changes to the way we eat and live can be achieved easily with a few tweaks and when we put ourselves first.  The consequence of us being first in our own lives is that those we love most, and those that depend on us most – both at work and at home – benefit from our ‘firstness’.

When we know how to focus our attention to our physical and emotional needs, everything else falls into place, including our body.

With that in mind, I have created my 5 Day Sugar Free Shift Plan. I know that cutting out processed sugars is the easiest way to achieve healthy, long term body shape change and the idea behind this plan is to get you on track quickly so that they see and feel early results – which you will, without feeling rubbish, tired and with the underlying, nagging knowledge that this just can’t last.  My aim is to rebuild their often shattered food confidence and their ability to make the best choices which will motivate them to continue on their healthy eating journey, either with my support or alone.

My 5 Day Sugar Free Shift Plan is £25, which includes a 15 minute telephone consultation.


9 pounds down in two weeks!!!! I can’t believe I have done this. I am in the easy routine Sonia promised I would be and its working. This is amazing! Thanks for the email support Sonia, it was great knowing you were there for me. I can do this now myself”.

A Ellis, London

“I followed the plan and lost 4 pounds ,which included a night out and a glass of wine*. I am so chuffed and making good food choices is my life now. Feeling wonderful”

Mrs J James, Gerrards Cross

“I thought I would feel tired and hungry and I didn’t.  I upped my water as Sonia told me to and realized that I was often thirsty not hungry.  That has changed everything for me.    Thanks Sonia”

Mrs G Ellis, Bedford

*Wine does not form part of the plan!

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