Pain or Pleasure, What is Eating to you?

When you think about eating how do you feel?  What emotions run through your mind? For some women it can be a huge spectrum from pleasure to pain, sadly far too often tipping more towards the pain end.

Take a look at these questions, which ones do you answer yes too?

  1. When you think of eating, do you feel happy anticipation of something tasty to savour, something that will nourish you, make you healthy and physically and emotionally strong?
  2. Or does the thought of eating, and making food choices, fill you with a low-level dread?
  3. Do you feel a lack of control or trust in your food choices, maybe even fear of the consequences of what you eat?
  4. Is food a cause of stress and anxiety, thinking that what you eat will make you look and feel unattractive and yet you feel powerless to make a healthier choice?
  5. Is food your friend, a safe, fun enjoyable experience?
  6. Or has food become your enemy, something to be watched over vigilantly, because if you don’t it will turn on you and make you feel a failure?
  7. Does food make you smile or does it make you cry.
  8. Do you eat in secret, ashamed and embarrassed, hiding wrappers?
  9. Or do you eat with confidence and enjoyment?
  10. Does a slice of cake with a coffee throw you into emotional chaos, make you feel a failure and derail all your good intentions?
  11. Or do you just view it as a lovely one-off treat that has no bearing on the rest of your day or week food choices?

Far too many women experience truly painful negative emotions around food.  I have clients who are either euphoric over a pound lost or reduced to tears by a single pound gained on that awful scale.  But of course, it is not the single pound that brings them to their knees, it is that they view the woefully inadequate weighing scale as a microcosm of their lives.  That extra pound reinforces all their belief about themselves that they can’t do it, they can’t change.  That they are failures because they feel they cannot control the simple act of what they put into their mouths.

Imagine now removing all those unhappy, negative emotions without therapy sessions, delving into your past – exhausting, time consuming and expensive!  What would life be like for you when you easily choose the foods you need to nourish you as well as enjoying the occasional treat? Where you don’t have the out of control ‘smash and grab’ moments in times of stress/boredom and all the rest?

How do you think you would feel then?  How do you think you will look?  What do you think you will say to yourselves?  Imagine being proud of yourself, leaner,  less stressed and anxious.

I know all the painful feelings of being out of control far too well.  I was an addict to drugs and alcohol for almost 30 years (see my book, This Isn’t Me).  I did all the equivalents of a yo-yo dieter. I attended class, therapies, took pills (not fun) and waved candles (literally) and none of it made a single bit of difference.  Yes, I was sober at times, but I always went back to my only known ‘coping’ mechanism.  I still drank ‘poison’ – you still eat crap.

Why, oh, why?  We are all intelligent woman, successful in other areas of our lives and yet none of us seem capable of not doing the very thing, (me drinking, you food intake), that cause us so much pain.

Now, though, after becoming gloriously and easily sober I KNOW exactly the ‘Why’ and even better for you, how to address it.  How to end the pull between what I wanted to do and what at the very same time, didn’t want to do and the stress and pain that came with it.  Again, me drink, you eat.

I understand now the emotional attachments we have to drink/food – what comfort, support, easing of unpleasant feelings that we think we will get from what we put into our mouths, whilst at almost the very same moment, knowing the reality of what the actual consequences are in terms of both emotional and physical upset.

My passion is to help other women break free from their emotional issues around behaviors that cause them pain, and with YOUtrition it is with food and weight.

I mentor women on understanding why you make the choices you make at certain times, and how to change those choices. To help you understand how you rationalize those choices in the moment and change those too.  I  explain why some of my clients hands seem to uncontrollably hover over the very stuff they don’t want to eat, plus so much more.

I know, from my own life experiences that having knowledge is not enough. Knowledge is everywhere, in every recipe book and it makes very little difference.  I also know that really understanding how we tick, if you choose to take it on board is.

So, please, if any of the above is you, if you are struggling with  emotional pain that you just can seem to change around food, take the first step to freedom,  book a consultation and let’s get rid of those exhausting, conflicting and damaging around food.

I use my expertise in nutrition, my long and painful experience and understanding as an addict and the powerful interventions I have mastered as an NLP Practitioner to bring you back to the whole person you were before those negative emotions overwhelmed you. To a place of peace and confidence in yourself around food.  My mission is to end emotional pain, and I now know absolutely how too.

I offer consultations at my home in Beaconsfield, by Skype and telephone call.  Distance is no barrier to the you you deserve to be!







YOUtrition Corporate Wellness Programmes

Your employees are your company’s greatest asset.  And happy, healthy, and well cared for employees are more productive, motivated, focused, engaged and frankly, loyal.  You can spend a great deal of time and money on training your staff  to make them the best, why then would you not spend a little extra to keep them from your competitors?

I know that one of the most effective ways to keep your staff in tip top shape both physically and mentally  is easily achieved through Wellness Programmes, where either an internal or external person, spends time supporting and encouraging staff to make healthier lifestyle choices, either with food, exercise and/or coaching/mentoring or a mix of all of these.

At  YOUtrition I offer tailored Wellness Programmes to companies to assist them in giving to, and getting the best out of their staff.

So, what would benefit your company and your staff most?

  • Lunchtime Weight Loss Club?
  • Wellness Mentoring – either individually or in groups?
  • Healthier Lifestyle Group Coaching?

My expertise is not limited to my nutrition qualifications, I am also a licensed NLP Practioner and Wellness Coach, and my aim is to bring all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle into the workplace to the mutual benefit of your company and your staff.

I understand that all health and wellness is 90% mindset and 10% information, and I address both.  My passion is changing the way people think about themselves and their eating habits to empower them to make better food and lifestyle choices.  These positive changes in turn benefit the employer.

All my programmes help promote a culture of good health within companies by offering food and lifestyle education, along with motivation designed to reduce stress and illness in a supportive and enjoyable environment.

One popular example of a YOUtrition Wellness Programme, is my 6 week Weight Loss Club.  I run this for 1 hour per week during lunchtime.  The aim is to get employees into a better physical and emotional space, where they feel happier, more confident, energized and therefore more productive.

For each employee, I provide a copy of my 6 Weeks to Looking & Feeling Amazing programme, as well as an individual Food Diary booklet to keep them on track during the week.  There are also handouts to accompany the group discussion topic of that week.

All the material I provide has been written by me.

For this programme, all I require is a room with windows, ideally that I can open, and chairs that can be placed in a semi-circle.

The cost of my 6 Week Weight Loss Club is £300 per employee.

I would be delighted to have an opportunity to meet with you to understand and define what package would most enhance your employees wellness and performance and what I can do to encourage a positive and healthier mindset within your company.