5 Day Sugar Free Shift Plan – Lose up to 5lbs!

My 5 Day Sugar Free Shift Plan is a simple set of easy inexpensive recipes, in a straightforward plan which sees most clients lose on average 4 -5lbs.  You can continue with the plan for as long as you feel comfortable, on average 2 weeks, and by then the weight loss is normally between 8 – 10lbs. Check out testimonials at the end of the blog.

My clients all want to lose weight as quickly as possible.  That is their absolute number one goal.  It doesn’t seem to matter overly how that is achieved or how they will feel on their journey, they just want to get there.  Hardly surprising in the high speed, instant gratification world we live in, where most things can be bought with a click of our mouse at any time of day and night, and often delivered the next day.

This saddens me for them on most levels, because the euphoria they feel in losing the weight that makes them so unhappy is usually (and I am talking over 90% of the time here), very hard won – in terms of hunger/tiredness/poor sleep and concentration, and very short lived.  My YOUtrition clients deserve better than that.  Without exception, they are glorious ladies, funny, intelligent, loving, and oh this list can go on for pages, but they feel completely lost when it comes to putting the food in their mouths that will help them achieve their goals.

With that in mind, I have created my 5 Day Sugar Free Shift Plan. I know that cutting out processed sugars is the easiest way to achieve healthy, long term weight loss and the idea behind this plan is to get them on track quickly so that they see and feel early results – which they do, but they don’t feel rubbish, tired and with the underlying, nagging knowledge that this just can’t last.  My aim is to rebuild their often shattered food confidence and their ability to make the best choices which will motivate them to continue on their healthy eating weight loss path, either with my support or alone.

My 5 Day Sugar Free Shift Plan is £20 and includes a 15 minute telephone consultation.


” 9lbs down in two weeks!!!! I can’t believe I have done this. I am in the easy routine Sonia promised I would be and its working. This is amazing! Thanks for the email support Sonia, it was great knowing you were there for me. I can do this now myself”.

A Ellis, London

“I followed the plan and lost 4lb, which included a night out and a glass of wine*. I am so chuffed and making good food choices is my life now. Feeling wonderful”

Mrs J James, Gerrards Cross

“I thought I would feel tired and hungry and I didn’t.  I upped my water as Sonia told me to and realized that I was often thirsty not hungry.  That has changed everything for me.  5lbs down and so happy.  Thanks Sonia”

Mrs G Ellis, Bedford

*Wine does not form part of the plan!