How I CAN Help You Become Slim & Healthy For Life

I have been asked many times recently, why I have decided to take a total change of direction in my career. What made me study to be a Nutritionist and Weight Loss Coach?  What makes me so passionate about woman’s health and weight?  I have a comfortable life with a wonderful son, lovely man and seemingly want for nothing.  However as with everyone else, what you see is only the smallest part of me.

Let me explain, I am a 52 year old single mother who suffered devastating post-natal depression for years after the birth of my glorious son, to the point where I was hospitalized twice.  I have struggled most of my life with both drug and alcohol addictions, which thankfully, so thankfully I have completely overcome without any of the formal interventions such as AA or NA, rehabilitation or even under the care of my doctor.  I did try them all, but none worked for me. I was desperate for years, an intelligent woman who had so much, as to why I just couldn’t make the changes to save myself.  I was so sure that my addictions were going to kill me and leave my son without any parents – and believe me, he is the beat of my heart.   But I didn’t, I made the changes and honestly, after accepting the physical withdrawals and knowing that they were going to pass, with a new MINDSET it was EASY!  Unbelievable but true, so true.  I have since experienced two heart breaking losses and the more usual family struggles and never once has the thought of alcohol or drugs come into the sphere of my possible coping mechanisms.    I can have alcohol in the house without even really seeing it and have no desire whatsoever, no matter how stressful the day, to touch anything stronger than a herbal tea.  And drugs? I hate even to take a paracetamol!

My experiences have left me so grateful and relieved to be where I am now and so proud of myself.  They have also left me with a strong desire to help other woman.  I am not a medical expert, I don’t want to be, but I know I am so well placed to support and empower because I truly understand how difficult CHANGE can be.  I also know, that once the mental shift has been made, everything is possible.

 A slim body and excellent health really is ALL about the MINDSET.  We can have all the relevant information laid out in front of us but until we change the way we THINK about what we do, there is no long lasting change, just a struggle with our limited willpower resources and a sense of impending failure and hopelessness  because we just can’t get to where we want to be, and if we do get there, we worry that we  won’t be able to sustain our results.  Sounding familiar?

Excess weight is the biggest obstacle to good health and a healthy body is naturally SLIM. We all know what we should be doing to support our health, but knowing is often just not enough – if it was, there would be so much less illness and obesity.  If it was as easy as eating less and exercising more, we would all do it.   But it is not.  All our behaviours are driven by the way we THINK.  Let me help you change the way you think, about your relationship with food (after all it is just food) and watch how as that relationship improves, your health, weight and your relationship with yourself and everyone you interact with improves too.

What you truly believe you can do, you WILL DO.  And I am here to show you how.


Non-Food, No Guilt, Rewards – Treat yourself!

Luxury, treatments at home –  treat yourself you deserve it!

Treat yourself!  We all deserve a little love and kindness and spoiling from ourselves.  Most of us spend our lives, loving and nurturing others especially our families and friends.  Whilst being a giver to those we love brings us the greatest joy, we sometimes forget to nurture ourselves.  As part of my Nutrition & Weight Loss Coaching practice, I have been looking into non-food, no guilt,  rewards that spur you on your track for super health.  Recently I have come across an especially delightful one in the form of the charming, professional, talented mobile beauty therapist Maddy Fitzek, of Beauty With Madeline, (

Maddy came to my home in Buckinghamshire last week to administer a skincare and makeup treatment I had decided to spoil myself with.   Maddy arrived at my home with a mysterious bag of delicious goodies and conducted a thorough analysis of my skin and the “look” that was right for me.  I have to say, on the Thursday of my appointment, I had had approximately 3 hours’ sleep, my son was preparing for a trip away, my dog had an upset stomach and all in all I was not at my usual sparkly best.  However, Maddy changed all that and my goodness the experience was lovely!  1 ½ hours of pampering for my skin using the gorgeous Mary Kay products, super quality and relatively inexpensive and definitely long lasting for only £35.00.

Maddy started with a cleanse, exfoliation and priming of my skin which was totally rejuvenating and then we moved on to the makeup.  My particular favourites were the velvety foundation and fabulous skin highlighter – both of which I purchased.  Maddy applied make up to half of my face and talked me through the other half – she is clearly an expert in her field and was very knowledgeable on Mary Kay products (important note, they are not tested on animals).

The time flew by and I was left with a lovely fresh new visage, a wealth of knowledge on skin care and Mary Kay products (without any pressure to buy),  and felt like I had spent the afternoon with a funny, engaging new friend.  So my advice to you, next time you want to reward yourself for being the fabulous you that you are (but sometimes forget), check out Maddy’s website, choose a treat and give her a telephone call.  Better than any  “cheat” meal or a bottle of wine!

Madeline Fitzek

Mobile no. 07584 132 744



Blackberry & Vodka Soup – something a little bit different

As a Nutritionist and Weight Loss Coach, I am always looking out for something a little bit different to share, I like to mix up the tried and tested, so this is for  soup fans everywhere,  a little different and one of my cheeky favs!   I would like to say it was made with leftovers, but there is rarely any vodka “left” after a party……..


  • 450g/1lb fresh or frozen blackberries.
  • 1 cup red grape juice.
  • 2 tbsp vodka.
  • 2 rounded tsp powdered arrowroot.

Garnish; spoonful of Greek yoghurt and a sprig of mint.


Place blackberries in a saucepan with the grape juice.

Place lid on pan, bring to the boil and simmer over a very low heat until tender and juicy (2 – 5 minutes if fresh and a little longer if frozen).

Place the arrowroot powder in a small bowl and stir in 2tbsp water to make a smooth paste. Stir this paste into the blackberries, and keep stirring until the mixture thickens.  Stir in the (best ingredient!) vodka.

Serve warm or chilled with a spoonful of Greek yoghurt in the centre, decorated with a sprig of mint.


This soup can be with a variety of berries.  I am using Blackberries now but blueberries, bilberries and black cherries all have similar nutritional properties.

What it’s good for –

Dark red and purple fruits are rich in flavonoids, which if eaten regularly help to prevent small blood vessels from leaking water ad protein into surrounding tissues.  Excellent for water retention. And Vodka? Well they say a little what you fancy does you good, and in this case a little goes a long way!!


I found this recipe in one of my favourite Soup books, The Big Healthy Soup Diet, by Linda Lazarides