Wellness Coaching – For A Healthy, Slim, Energized You

As a Nutritionist and Weight Loss Coach, I am passionate about women’s health and weight loss issues so let me tell you a little about Weight Loss Coaching.

Are you one of the many women who has expended enormous amounts of energy over the years on losing weight? Have you reached out to others for help in form of books, diet clubs, videos, exercise plans etc? You read the books, joined the clubs, bought the foods, exercised three times a week, done exactly what you were told and are now right back where you started, with more than likely extra weight. How?  You listened to all the advice and/or criticism, you were cheered on when you reached your goals. You felt good at your target weight, so why, despite all your best efforts, COULDN’T you stay on track?

The answer is simple, you were on a weight loss track written by someone else, and someone else doesn’t have the answers for you.  All your answers are within YOU.

Now imagine that you are talking with someone who takes an entirely different approach to helping you in an entirely different way. Someone who truly listens to you, not just waiting for their turn to tell you what to do. They understand through questioning and listening,  your uniqueness, your situation, your agenda and works solely with that. They require you to look into yourself, to acknowledge your strengths and build upon them to achieve your weight loss goals. They ask questions not so much to gain information, as to require YOU to seek answers from within yourself, to benefit yourself. They come equipped with the tools that help you take stock of your current weight situation and with effective methods for change.

In short, someone who opens your eyes and enables you to carve YOUR own track – ultimately, aren’t we are all much more likely to stick to a track we have carved for ourselves because it is carved with us solely in mind?

I have just described a WEIGHT LOSS COACH.

Coaching is about having someone who is completely in tune with YOU, means all the difference between lasting, consistent weight loss success and disappointment in yourself, confusion, and unsustainable, unrealistic diets that will NEVER work long term. A Weight Loss Coach who helps you discover within yourself all the amazing resources YOU have, to achieve your weight loss goals FOREVER.

During a Weight Loss Coaching session we,

  • Discuss your current weight situation and get a crystal clear vision of your weight loss goal.
  • Create change that helps you reach your goals in YOUR way, at your pace – so that each step you take is consistent with your values and your goals.
  • Uncover the available options for you, then allow space for you to create powerful choices for yourself – so that you feel empowered to change, not forced to do something you don’t want to.
  • Uncover hidden challenges that you keeping you unhappy with your weight and addressing them.
  • And finally, you leave the session renewed, inspired, and ready to finally lose all of the weight you want for once and for all!

Clean Eating or Simple Eating?

As a Nutritionist and  Weight Loss Coach, I often check out the media for updates,  and recently as I have been reading through, one phrase jumps out at me constantly.  Clean Eating.

 Clean Eating is the new buzz phrase. It’s everywhere. Cookbooks, articles, interviews – you name it, its out there is some format or another and is pretty unavoidable. But what does “clean” mean? Does it mean that their are also “dirty” foods? It must do because there is always an opposite.

Some of my clients actually feel pressured to buy expensive produce and it causes them stress when they simply can’t afford to. Healthy eating is supposed to affect every aspect of your life positively, including reducing stress which can contribute to weight gain.

In principle, I absolutely agree with this way of eating, however after looking through the media, it often seems to include expensive, often quite exotic ingredients that will never really be part of the average family’s store cupboard. Organic Maple syrup? Agave nectar? More than twice the price of organic honey – and each of them have exactly the same affect on the body. I tried making my own Almond milk. It was delicious but cost me over £10 for less than 1 pint!

My YOUtrition system advocates “Simple” Eating rather than “Clean”. Simple everyday whole foods kept as close to their original state as possible, organic when you can afford them – but don’t beat yourself up when you can’t (if you do buy anything organic, try for the leanest meat, fish and eggs. For the rest a good wash/scrub is fine.)

Simple swaps include,

Almonds to Brazil nuts.
Blueberries to Blackberries.
Salmon to Sardines.
Chia Seeds to Sesame Seeds.
Kale to Broccoli.
Coconut Oil to Rapseed oil.

Typically, I buy fill my basket with fresh seasonal veg and if out of season, frozen. Same with fruit. I buy loads of herbs and spices, bit by bit, as these can also be expensive, but once bought you’re done. I regularly try out creations of my own, some a stunning success and some a little bet “meh”, but never a disaster because unless food is overcooked it still has texture and flavour, just maybe not to the whole family’s taste – and I very rarely use a recipe book. I know the tastes and textures my family like and I introduce small, simple changes all the time. I find that small changes are easier for them to cope with and they always come round.

Practice, experiment and trust yourself to know what works best for you and your family, keep it SIMPLE and don’t be tempted to spend time and money on produce and recipes that are not right for you, your family or your pocket just because they come under the “clean” heading


Low Fat – The Diet Disaster

One of the most popular food myths is the Low Fat one. Almost every new client that comes to my nutrition and weight loss coaching practice in Beaconsfield says the same thing, “But low fat is good for weight loss”.  My answer always is “NO, it isn’t”, let me explain.

A universally acknowledged truth is that most diets are destined to fail. Not only are they destined to fail, but in over 99% of cases, dieters not only regain the “lost” weight, but add more on top. Why is this? It is because that “diets” are so restrictive and limit fat intake.

In every food store we see Low-Fat – less than 3% per 100g. Great! However fat is tasty and filling and in terms of healthy fats, think extra virgin olive oil, nuts, oily fish and avocado, and is absolutely vital for every aspect of our health, wellbeing and WEIGHT LOSS. So, when the fat is removed it has to be replaced by something else to avoid bland, watery and tasteless food. The replacement is sugar, simple carbohydrates and chemicals. Already sounding delicious?

The inclusion of these sugars and simple carbohydrates create a sugar spike and subsequent crash which fuels the unhappy cycle of feeling hungry again very quickly and so needing more food. Dieters then find themselves having to rely on willpower to abstain from eating more. However our willpower is stretched every day and as it is not limitless, so we eventually crumble after a stressful, unhappy internal fight and so the weight is regained until our next attempt. Hence the yo-yo dieter is born.

One of the most successful weight loss lifesytles is the Mediterranean-style diet, full of home made filling recipes with moderate amounts of the healthy fats listed above. This way of eating feeds the body properly and keeps hunger at bay for longer.

So when you make the decision to lose weight, don’t lose the healthy, filling, delicious, nutrient packed fats, lose the low-fat foods filled with the no-nutrient, un-filling, addictive, ageing and obesity fuelling sugar.

NB. Please remember MODERATION is key


Happy New Year! Happy, Healthy, Successful New You!


I hope you all had a fabulous  Happy Christmas and New Year, with friends, family, love and peace.

So, your plans for 2016? For myself, my plan is to stay happy, slim, successful and free from the worries of weight. Not much to ask I think (especially as I am a Nutritionist and Weight Loss Coach!). I am going to be in control of my weight and food intake, I am going to make the best choices for me and my family. I am going to plan and prepare my food in advance and nothing is going to stop me! I know that the only person I really can control is me. I am not going to view my choices as “giving up” anything, I am going to view any changes as how they will add to my health and overall wellbeing which will have a direct impact on those I love most, my family.

I know that diets don’t work, so I am not even going to bother. I am not going to be seduced out of desperation, into signing up to some crazy quick fix “solution” that may cost me a fortune, stress my mind and my body, not benefit my health long term, and ultimately know that no matter how much weight I lose, I WILL find that weight again and probably more and I will become disappointed in myself, not the “diet” that was never sustainable. I deserve better than that and so do you!

My other plan is for YOU. I plan to give you all the food information – in whatever form works for you – along with the motivation and support that we all need through a period of change, to get you to where you want and deserve to be with your weight loss. I also intend to make sure you stay there.

So, 1 January 2016. Join me at YOUtrition (I have some great New Year’s discounts on my website,, let me work with you and see yourself the way you want to be. I’m there already and I know you can be too.