Successful Strategies For Weight Loss

One of the most effective ways of helping clients at my  Nutrition and Weight Loss Coaching practice in Beaconsfield maintain a weight at which they are happy is to identify the successful strategies they already have in other areas of their lives and use those same strategies to address their weight.

We all have successes in our lives.  They might be in business or in our personal lives or in both. For each of these successes we have developed individual strategies that support them, sometimes without even being aware of it.

Some clients tell me that they have no success.  I beg to differ.  Everyone does.

One of my personal successes is that I am always on time.  Small success you may think, but to me it is important.  So, how do I consistently make sure I am on time?  Well, its easy.  My successful strategy is to prepare in advance.

My handbag has all necessary items in it the night before.  I check my keys are in the correct place before I go to bed.  My clothes are planned and laid out.  To the best of my ability, all bases are covered and there is no rushing around at the last minute in a mindless panic.

It is the same with my weight management.  I plan my food for the next day.  I prepare my lunch and any snack and pop in the fridge.  My dinner is planned in accordance with how busy my day is scheduled to be, on a quieter day I might feel like spending more time relaxing and preparing food in the evening, on a busier day, I might feel too tired and want a quick and simple meal.  Both scenarios are taken into account and all the ingredients are in the fridge. So, arriving home, no matter how tired or stressful my day has been, instead of staring into the fridge and grabing something that will only make me feel more tired and stressed, everything is ready for a good, healthy, nourishing tasty meal which I know will restore my mind and body’s balance and make me feel yet again that I have made the best choice for me.  More success!